IST European Section

The European Section of the IST is the oldest Section and traditionally has been able to draw on the large number of toxinology researchers working in the region, whose work often encompasses toxins from around the World, since Europe itself is not home to as many toxin producing fauna and flora as some other regions.

EU-IST City Country Year Chairmen
19 Yerevan Armenia 2018 Naira Ayvazyan
18 Oxford UK 2015 D. Warrell, E. Rowan, M. Sohail
17 Valencia Spain 2011 Juan Calvete
16 Leuven Belgium 2008 Jan Tytgat
15 Brdo Estate, Kranj Slovenia 2004 F. Gubensek & I. Krizaj
14 Stockholm Sweden 2001 H. Persson
13 London UK 1998 D. Theakston
12 Basel Switzerland 1996 J.Meier
11 Arezzo Italy 1993 A.Grasso
10 Paris France 1992 P.Boquet, A.Menez, J.Pusset
9 Lohusalu Estonia 1990 J.Siigur
8 Porec Yugoslavia 1989 F.Gubensek
7 Prague Czechoslovakia 1986 F.Kornalik, H.Raskova, K.Masek
6 Basel Switzerland 1984 K.Stocker, T.A.Freyvogel, J.Meier
5 Hannover West-Germany 1983 G.G.Habermehl and D.Mebs
4 Marseille France 1981 H.Rochat
3 London England 1978 B.E.C.Banks
2 Portoroz Yugoslavia 1977 F.Gubensek
1 Paris France 1975 P.Boquet


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