Yerevan is a city where you can go anywhere on foot and visitors feel safe and comfortable.
This year, the 19th Congress of the European Section of the International Society of Toxinology (IST) conference will be held in Armenia and we are particularly excited to welcome you to our beautiful and sunny capital as 2018 is going to be one of the memorable years in Yerevan.
Just a day before the conference, on September 21st, Armenia celebrates the Independence Day and offers many entertaining events to the citizens and thousands of guests from around the world.


This year, Yerevan, the capital city is also celebrating its 2800th anniversary(Erebuni-Yerevan)on September 29 and numerous traditional and exclusive programs, including stage performances of jazz, rock, folk music-dance and flash mobs,will be held in various parts of the city.


The celebration starts with a parade of water sprinkling trucks from the France Square, moving towards the Republic Square through the Mashdots Avenue, announcing the beginning of the celebration events.
During this time, Areni Wine Festival, which is one of the famous festivals in Armenia, will also take place.This event is giving a chance to taste homemade wine selection and enjoy Armenian dances and live songs.
The day will be culminated in the heart of Yerevan by bright fireworks and dancing fountains on the Republic square.
Yerevan will also host this year's Summit of La Francophonie on October 11-12 and it will be a great opportunity to enjoy the cultural and musical heritage of Francophonie countries.
"Living Together" is confirmed as the main theme of the event with pomegranate, symbolizing fertility and good fortune, representing the logo of the Yerevan Summit.

We are looking forward to seeing you all and make it a memorable visit.
Take a breath and just enjoy your time in Armenia.

5 things not to miss in Yerevan

1. Matenadaran

The Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, commonly referred to as the Matenadaran, is a repository of ancient manuscripts, research institute and museum in Yerevan, Armenia. It holds one of the world's richest depositories of medieval manuscripts and books which span a broad range of subjects, including theology, philosophy, history, medicine, literature, art history, and cosmography in Armenian and many other languages.

2. Cascade -Cafesjian Center for the Arts
The Cascade is a giant stairway made of limestone in Yerevan, Armenia. It links the downtown area of Yerevan with the Monument neighborhood. Inside the Cascade, underneath the exterior steps, are seven escalators that rise along the length of the complex. There are also exhibit halls connected to some of the landings along the escalators which compose the Cafesjian Museum of Modern Art.
The exterior of The Cascade features multiple levels adorned with fountains and modernist sculptures from the Cafesjian collection. The stairs afford walkers unobstructed views of central Yerevan and Mount Ararat. At the base of the Cascade is a garden court yard with statues by contemporary sculptures such as Botero. There are a number of cafes and restaurants on both sides of the Cascade frequented by locals and tourists. Classical and jazz concerts often take place at the Cascade during spring, summer and early autumn, with spectators sitting on the steps.

Fantan 3. Dancing Fountain

The singing and dancing fountains at the Republic Square of Yerevan attract both travelers and locals. Operating between spring and fall, the fountains include a colorful light show and feature not only classical music, but also pop, rock and jazz. The shows begin at around 9 PM.

4. Cuisine

You can taste the unique and saturated flavor of 100% organic Armenian fruits and vegetables, and enjoy the variety of century-old Armenian cuisine and the Unesco-listed flat bread lavash. It is notable that Armenian food is "seasonal", as Armenians use the freshest fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs and spices available at that time. Cooking techniques of Armenians are very complicated indeed. The most difficult dishes to cook are mainly of meat, fish and vegetables. Those usually require stuffing, whipping, puree making. It takes a lot of effort to make delicious foods with above-mentioned ingredients.

5. Brandy and Wine
Yerevan is the best city for brandy and wine lovers.
Ararat is a brand of Armenian brandy (cognac-style) that has been produced by the Yerevan Brandy Company since 1887. It is made from Armenian white grapes and spring water, according to a traditional method. The brand's "ordinary brandies" are aged between 3 and 6 years. Its "aged brandies" are between 10 and 20 years old. Besides, Armenia is home to the world's oldest winery. At least, that's what the archaeologists claim: in 2011 they discovered what is thought to be the oldest winery on the planet, found, of all places, in a cave near the village of Areni.


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