Armenia is a hub among Europe and Asia, a gateway for the World to get together and Yerevan is a quality low cost and affordable destination, offering a wide range of opportunities supported by the City. This meeting in Armenia could gather people from different World regions around Toxinology, maximizing their interaction, particularly for less favored regions.

It's home to the world's oldest winery

It was the first nation to adopt Christianity

More Armenians live abroad than in Armenia

Armenians think they know where Noah's Ark is

It has a record-breaking cable car (5,752 m (18,871ft) long)

Its bread is Unesco-listed

It boasts the largest lake in the Caucasus

Churchill had a taste for Armenian cognac...

Armenia has the Garni, the Geghard and the Tatev, all UNESCO heritage sites.

With a continental climate, Yerevan experiences long hot summers, and cold winters, both with little or no humidity. Spring offers mild but sometimes wet weather, and lots of green hills and wildflowers. Summer is very hot, but the long, late nights at the cafes, and the fruits and vegetables are amazing. Fall is the most popular, with perfect weather, and great farm fresh foods. The average temperature in September/October varies between 25-30 C.

The official currency of Armenia is "Dram" (currency name is AMD). All the payments are realized in Armenian Drams only. Payment by credit card is an equally widely spread option and most hospitality venues offer card payments. ATM machines are widely accessible, however we recommend checking your bank fees beforehand. In case you decide to exchange money in one of the exchange offices in Yerevan, we suggest checking the rates and commissions carefully, as they may differ by company. There are many exchange offices with convenient exchange rates in large supermarkets and banks. Rates suggested by the Central Bank of Armenia are listed on this webpage. (

No particular rules apply for tipping and the most common way to tip is to round the amount up. In more expensive restaurants, a 10% tip is suggested, but is not obligatory.

Basic facts

Capital Yerevan
Government Parliamentary Democracy
Currency Armenian Dram (AMD) - "dram"
Area total: 29,743 km?
Language Armenian
Electricity 220V/50Hz (European plug)
Country code 374
Internet TLD .am
Time Zone GMT + 4


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