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Toxinology and their applications constitute one of the main frontiers of contemporary Science and Technology; and are expected to have a revolutionary impact on the most diverse knowledge and industry fields, throughout the XXI century.The European Section of the International Society of Toxinology (IST) is the oldest Section of IST. The EU-IST events are conceived as an academic space and an exchange forum of knowledge and experience; both essential for the scientific debate on the characteristics and main tendencies of these subjects in the present-day world. They are also conceived to inform and to inspire young talents that will support the development of our Society. The 19th Congress of the European Section of the International Society of Toxinology will session in mid- September, in the Elite Plaza Business Center and it will be focused mainly on Basic Science of Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins and their applications in health; as well as environmental, topics, public perception and social impacts associated to toxinology development. Through the valuable contribution of Invited Conferences of well-known scientists, the works presentation, poster, and panels realization; the main tendencies and challenges will be shown in the event's thematic axes. It will promote the international dialogue, between different generations of scientist and other professionals; which will certainly contribute to its success. As a sustainable program to educate in this field; different precongress courses taught by distinguished international experts will be also carried out. This academic space will propitiate the connection between scientists and professionals from dissimilar specialties and nations with young scientists still in the formation process; and it will contribute to the educational mission and to the intergenerational, cultural, and interdisciplinary dialogue. We look forward to finding out how this Event's new edition contributes to an understanding and a common interpretation on toxinology and to opens new ways for international cooperation with the growing Armenian community devoted to these subjects, and to the development of the new-born Armenian Society of Toxinologists.


Naira Ayvazyan, Dr. Sci.,

Chair of the IST 2018 European Section Congress Organizing Committee,
Director of the Institute of Physiology named after acad. L.A. Orbeli Of the National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia


Toxicon Supplement of the EU-IST 2018 Congress is now available online

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